Writer's Block: Happy Birthday George Washington!
Buffalo Central Terminal
The truth about something?! Oh, jeez. Maybe it's easier to just answer questions. If my wonderful friends on here would care to ask any question at all, I'll be honest. =)
Quick, tell the truth about something!

Writer's Block: Shaken, Not Stirred
Buffalo Central Terminal
God, I was so excited to see this Writer's Block. I've been a James Bond fan since I was little. I own 6 films, including my personal favorite, Goldfinger.

I think the majority of actors who have played Agent 007 are all good in their own accord and for their own reasons. Sean Connery, because he's the OG James Bond and has that wonderful accent/speech impediment. Pierce Brosnan, because of all the suave/debonair examples of British class and style, plus all the kick-ass gadgets that Q Branch managed to invent for him. Daniel Craig, because he's sexy as hell and I'd do anything to cuddle up against those pecs and we wrapped in those big, muscular arms and...

...um. Sorry. Heh. (*wipes drool from mouth*)

But I think in the end I'll have to go with Connery. Just for the sake that he's the original and by far the most iconic of any of the James Bonds. Plus, he has the best lines in his movies, including my personal favorite:

Bond: "Do you expect me to talk?"
Goldfinger: "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"
Who is the best James Bond?

Just One of Those Days
Buffalo Central Terminal
You ever have one? One of those days where it just starts off wrong, a borderline comedy of errors?

That was today, for a bit. After "sleeping in" until 9:07am (yes, to me that is sleeping in), I started my usual morning routine--shower, ate breakfast (eggs and wheat toast), and sat down in front of my computer to get ready for my day's internship work. Sidenote: how nasty is wheat toast? It's not mine, I used 2 slices of my roommate's bread, but I had to practically frost it with butter as if it was cake and then shovel eggs on it to make it a sandwich to even make it somewhat palatable. Blah.

At least the coffee was good; made it with my Keurig. I got it as a Christmas present after talking about how I love those machines for months. My boyfriend (Ryan) joked that it partly replaced him in our relationship. I didn't deny it.

But, today I went out and did some work for my senior internship at school. What I am basically doing is updating the database of historical buildings within the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. So today's task was more photographing of properties and structures (mostly houses)--I'll have about 625 total buildings to photograph and record.

Ryan arrived at about 11am, and I walked out of my apartment to head to the car. Forgot my winter hat (it was chilly today), so I went back inside. Put on the hat, left again. Realized I forgot the forms for the buildings I was going to today. Back inside, back outside. Got into my car and headed downtown, just two dashes above "E" on the gas gauge. Got out of my car downtown, and went to take my first picture of the day.

"Memory Full."

Thinking it was a minor setback, I checked the camera, went to delete the pictures, and discovered there was only one picture on my camera. I left my memory card IN MY COMPUTER. So angry. I yelled a couple choice words in the middle of downtown Erie...and then got in my back and headed back to school to grab my memory card. It ends up I forgot my wallet, too.

Back to the apartment, then back out to Erie. But we took Ryan's truck, because he had more gas and at this point I stopped trusting myself to do anything important today.

Face pic!
Buffalo Central Terminal
I'm sure you've noticed that the picture I use as my default is not me. It's actually one of my favorite buildings at home, the Buffalo Central Terminal. For a brief time, it was used as a train station until the American passenger train system pretty much collapsed.

But, I figured it wouldn't hurt to put up an actual picture of what I look like. It was taken just before I attended a Yankees/Indians game in Cleveland, OH this past summer. So, here it is:

Writer's Block: School Ties
Buffalo Central Terminal
Currently enrolled at school, majoring in History with a concentration in Public History.

I usually get asked "What's Public History?", so here's a pretty simple answer: instead of burying myself in books (although it does occasionally happen, don't you worry), I am more concerned with making history and historical sites accessible and interesting to the public. That being said, I'd like to work in a museum or historical society.

I'm fascinated with local history, especially that in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. Okay, I technically live in the suburbs, but I absolutely love the city. But it has a great (and sad) history, basically as a city that was on the verge of having everything until the Great Depression hit and industries collapsed in the 1970s. Buffalo is a "rust-belt" town, once heavily reliant on manufacturing that is no longer there. It works well, because I especially love industrial history and old steel mills--perfect for me, really. Actually hoping to volunteer at the Steel Plant Museum in Lackawanna, NY, where the Bethlehem Steel plant in Buffalo was located. Did you know that at one time, Buffalo out-produced the Steel City itself, Pittsburgh?

Getting back to the question. I would love to use this as a career, to make people excited and interested in their local history. Civic knowledge leads the way to good citizenship and participation in civic activities and improvement of hometowns everywhere. I want to make history exciting, make it engaging, and make people fall in love with their hometowns.

So...yeah. History. <3
What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?


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